Monday, September 8, 2014

Recent Schulptures

As of late I use more of my collected materials that I find on my walks through my neighborhood, especially on garbage day to produce sculptures. They are produced the same way I produce three-dimensional work, one moment, one step at a time not knowing the outcome. Other materials come from our garbage bins. I also use left over materials from previous projects and what I find at thrift stores – mostly frames that I customize.
He Came From Heaven


Refuge in Calamity

Charley's Boom Box

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Work end 2013 - early 2014

A new series of process-focused paintings and sculptures that start in the abstract and end quite realistic. Paintings started in the abstract (drawn away) and were drawn back to the figurative.

A Snow Bank up North in Dodge County in January 2014

Phase after I saw the bird and whitened
some of the blue to make the
bird shape more distinct

When I started painting like this it was scary, because I have no control over the outcome, the theme.And still when I face a canvas with random paint applied, it typically looks chaotic and often completely ugly and it looks hopeless and like a impossible challenge to reconcile.

I work like an autistic person, I divide a big task in many small enough pieces that are manageable and imaginable and go from one section to the next. If I can't see the "forest" I look for "one tree" first.

During the process where I had found leaves,
some flowers and the shape of a portrait which I
made more obvious with blue in the back.

Announcing God's Gift to Us

Announcing God's gift to us (according to Luke 2:10-11)

"And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." (KJV)

 Nebuchadnezzar (Statue in his dream)

A rather contemporary rendition of the Babylonian King's Dream.
Made from computer parts, chair pieces, used masking tape, son's old toy guns, found objects and other left overs. Real poor people's art, all is repurposed.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

About the Show "Like Speaking in Tongues"

1 Holy is the Lord

“For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to people but to God. Indeed, no one understands him; he utters mysteries with his spirit...

...He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the church...

...The one who prophesies is greater than the one who speaks in tongues, unless someone interprets, so that the church may be edified.”

1 Corinthians 14, NIV

Spontaneous “Fantastic Expressionism” by speaking in tongues
2 In Midair
Approaching art with a professional marketing communication background. I always knew that I talk (communicate) with my art. I speak with paint, materials and symbols that are inspired by prayer, reading scriptures, my life, news and fellow artists. I call my style “fantastic”, because I talk about inner realities; “spontaneous”, because I do little (mindful) planning or no planning (out of my mind) and develop the content as I work along; “expressionistic”, because I opine, think out loud and hand over what was put on my tongue in the moment. But I also noticed that my language - uttering mysteries by the Spirit - may not be understood readily. Paul said I need to translate my work in order to become beneficial to the community. Please trust that if you look at my work and don't understand it, that I speak to God, and that it is at first meant for my personal edification. In addition thou, I will make an attempt to interpret my work, so you may also benefit from it.

3 Livin' in a Perfect World

Suffering and purification as integral part of faith

I dedicate my life to our Lord Jesus Christ and it resulted in the continuous stripping away of my idols and false beliefs - God, hope remain (image 2). If all my belongings are burnt I suffer inside, but I am purified (4). Tears inside came earlier this year when our son was arrested in a domestic dispute, he went to jail and his relationship with his girlfriend was over, we lost contact with our 2-year old granddaughter that we had every weekend with us, I just knew that there was nothing that I could do to undo this situation, so I suffered and fasted one less meal per day for about two months until our  grand daughter was restored to us by the grace of God (4). If I am ridiculed for my faith and convictions it results in suffering but also in a circumcised heart and faith saves me from being angry (not always!) (3,4,5).

4 Tears Inside
Salvation by grace alone

The uniqueness of salvation through Christ that it is by grace alone, not a single hand-stroke or good deed of mine can add to that salvation. This is  expressed in my posture legs and arms crossed and sitting often in mid air not touching the bottom nor the top, but also in calamity, in the mouth of an behemoth, I have a refuge (images 2,3,4). Being in mid-air also is the place where one meets Christ. That happened to me the day after I was fired, lost my income, visa, and future in the USA (2,4).

Reclaimed and re-purposed by being born again

5 Pain Inside and Out
I call myself born-again and yet I doubt it every other day, but the fruit of my reclaiming and re-purposing re-confirms my belief. In recent year I increasingly use “curbside items”, i. E. frames, Barbie boxes (10), and items from thrift stores for a new artistic purpose. As symbol for worship I use duplicate music sheets from our church band, which I am a part of, to paint over (1); I use printed driving directions (6) from volunteering for Health and Human Services as a symbol to follow that narrow path to heaven; I am using masking tape from previous projects (5, 10). These materials I also use for matting and for frames (none shown).

My desire in art

Seeking God through art again - what an avantgarde that is! I consider this to be my mission, by finding Him in my life (2 - 5) worshiping the Lord (1) and discovering His mysteries (6 - 10).

6 Savior Noah
7 Christmas - Life is Coming into a Dead World
8 Before Caiphas
9 Written in the Law


10 First and Last

Monday, July 29, 2013

Living in America - exhibition at Ayzha Gallery

Four of my pieces are featured in the exhibit at Ayzha Gallery in Milwaukee.


Is not my America in a literal, but in a metaphorical sense. I am a Permanent Legal Alien Resident with Green Card of now 16 years. Nothing is mine. America to me is an allegorical Promised Land, a mountain where Noah’s Arc of today stranded. (I remain silent on the current “pathway to citizenship” debate to ‘document” and “legalize” “undocumented” and “illegal” migrants. My creed is to be legal here or not at all here. My thinking is that if God wants me here He also has a legal plan for me prepared – He did and it was beyond my control and my capacity! He gave me a Green Card through the Green Card lottery that my wife Sibilla won. (Legal Alien With Green Card)

What drew me to the states was OPPORTUNITY and the freedom to pursue it. This is best described as sort of an open field to run as fast and as long as you want. Germany is overly bureaucratic, highly regulated and sort of plaid and small. Even with that in the USA not every plan works out either and my career aspirations went nowhere. Later I realized I came here to find my “end”. This end was in a hungry men's breakfast and it was the visible beginning of God drawing me to him. In 2011 I was baptized and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. (Anticipation of my Baptism)

My favorite demons are two-fold. It is sensuality and it is the nanny state that provides everything cradle to grave and replaces the fundamental truth of God being our sole provider, not Gov. So, Gov replaces God and since we elect Gov we replace God with us.
At any rate my personal desire is that He not lead me into temptation but deliver me from both evils. (My favorite Demons)

I always felt that the USA has something special and one day it dawned on me that the power and might of this country lies in the reality that it has not one angel like other nations but fifty, because it is a union of fifty nations combined into one. With that I also believe that the power of this nation lies with the fact that it has a constitution founded on God’s blessings that is visible in the uncorrupted word of God in the New and Old Testament, in the Good News of the salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. I do know that a civilization that has one coherent faith, one philosophy, one culture is alive well and thriving. A culture that labels itself multicultural shows exactly that it lost the one core culture, attempts to replace one culture with many and multiculturalism becomes one of the signs of the civilization’s disintegration rather than a new culture. May that not happen to this nation and this civilization! For a flag with 50 angels and against a flag with 50 crescent moons and stars (i Freedom Fighter)

Albin Erhart


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Guitartown - By the Little Foxes

From the Gala (with video):

Latest News -
WaukeshaNow Coverage:

Lake Country Reporter Coverage:

From Guitartown website:

Why I picked this theme

I used this guitar to talk about the history of Waukesha as I see it artistically and in particular about the time before the settlers came here which includes the time of the mound builders and the Native American tribes represented by the Little Foxes and also the times of Les Paul, art and music. I stumbled into this because of the weird names all around here that were real tong breakers for me and sometimes still are. I dug into the origin of these names and into the past of the Waukesha area.

My theme is "By the Little Foxes", which is translated for Waukesha or Wagosh, also Wakuska. That is the name of a Pottawatomie Chief who lived in Tchee Gas Coutak, a village with 1500 to 2500 inhabitants near the Fox River about where downtown Waukesha is today.

My intent is also the de-segregation of Waukesha's past in a playful way. The nice mural at the liquor store that I always admire and love to look at when I drive by stands for a narrative that I don't like - an abrogated history book, a white settler only past. But there was a past before Cutler came here! Most of the Native American tribes left Wisconsin after the Chicago treaty when they sold the lands in the mid 1800s; I bring them back to Waukesha on this guitar sort of. I thought wouldn't it be nice if they were back here, not to build a casino, but maybe share their knowledge on how to live off the land, how to use and sell natural herbs and things of that nature? A few years ago I met an anthropologist that worked for the Forest County Pottawatomie Nation (who was from Hamburg, Germany) and who was surprised when he greeted the audience in German with "Guten Tag" someone answered him in German "Gruess Gott"! His project was to collect information about the Pottawatomies that stayed (ILLEGALLY!) in Wisconsin after the Treaty's grace period of 3 years. In today's setting just the idea of "Illegal Native Americans" sounds real real odd, but on the other hand it was what it was, a land sale.

The the era before had mound builders and the purpose of the mounds is not completely clear either; it was an age well before the known tribes, Pottawatomie, Winnebago, Menominee. Some of the mounds were used as burial places, others not, some suggest that they served ritual or spiritual purposes like protection of a village;  groups of mounds look like huge paintings in the landscape. They have something magic to it if you look at those from above on old maps.

The Eras of Waukesha

I describe my "ages" of Waukesha, starting with "Fire Land" (Tchee Gas Coutak),  Wau Goo Shance, Prairie Ville, Cow Country, Spring City, Waukesha, Les Paul Ville, and Art Crawl City.



Those Eras are surrounded by Foxes, feathers and flowers, that point to the native origins:



Unique sculptural additions to the Les Paul Guitar fiber glass body

First time working with fiberglass, my wife was not happy when I poured the resin in the garage - I survived thou.  I did those artefactual additions to set the tone for the guitar; that there is a quite intriguing past to Waukesha prior to the 1800's. 



Some historic and newly created unique icons

As pattern all over the guitar I use iconic renderings of effigy (animal) mounds; Bird, Panther or Wolf, Lizard, Turtle, Fox (no Fox mounds found here in Waukesha)

newly invented stringed effigy instruments,
(I added to Les Paul's guitar a Lizard Paul, Panther Paul, Turtle Paul and a Fox Paul.
I notice now I could have gone ballistic and add a Bird Paul, Spring House Paul, Dome Tepee Paul, Cow Paul, Art Paul and Fire Land Paul Guitar! You see I still have fun with the project.)

other icons from Waukesha's past were cows, spring houses, dome-shaped tepees, Pottawatomie flower ornaments. And also guitars, chords and musical signs.




A few Waukesha bridges - if there was no little fox sitting there, now there is one!

Introducing Lester William Polsfuss' Little Fox Band. Ooops, there is a cow too - cheering to Pauls' red hot "Song In Blue"!!!

My sources:

"Emblematic Mounds in Wisconsin" Stephen Peet

"Prehistoric America" by Stephen Peet

"Antiques of Wisconsin" by I.A. Lapham

Maps from Historical Society of Wisconsin.

Mound locations in Waukesha
with some references of today's streets

Mounds in the Carrol College area

Mounds at Bird Hill

Mounds on Corn Hill and Indian Trail










Some picture of the production:

One layer of raw fiberglass

Metal mesh for fiberglass feathers

Unpainted fiberglass arrowhead
First "Blood"

In my 10' x 12' "studio"

I always work on an area where the inspiration draws me

Back side - the bottom left was void until the end

Mounting the feathers

The one piece of metal which is unpainted,
just sanded and coated

Stand is covered with symbols as well